Jun 9, 2021

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Baker Conversion On Slot Machines

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Slot machines have been on the scene since the late 1800s, with San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell setting the standard as the first reel-spinning game. Companies including Herbert Mills and Bally Industries played key roles in the development of slots, with Bally contributing many innovations. How to market a online casino.

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IGT S+ Slot Machine Game Change

The IGT S+ upright model slot machines use 3 separate pieces of glass. These are the Top or award glass, the middle or reel glass and the bottom or belly glass pieces. These glass pieces are shown in the photo.
When replacing your slot game kit or converting to a different game some kits will include only 2 pieces of glass while others will include all 3 pieces. It really just depends on the game theme. Begin the conversion by removing the top glass. This is done by opening the slot machines main door and carefully lifting up on the glass holder bracket or player tracking bracket that holds the glass in place. Install the new upper glass. If your new kit included the (Reel) glass proceed to remove the old one by removing the florescent lamp bulb and then removing the 3 7/32' florescent fixture screws and finally the fixture itself. Once the fixture is removed you should be able to carefully slide the reel glass out of the machine by grabbing the old reel glass on both sides and carefully wiggle it out of the lower holder and replace it with the new piece of glass. (Be sure that all of your glass decal stickers are securely attached to the new glass pieces before installing the light fixture. Next, the belly or lower glass is replaced by first locating the belly door release knob found on the main door of the machine. Just pull the knob straight out to the right and the belly door will flip down allowing you to remove the the belly glass assembly. You will need to remove the 4 7/32' nuts securing the lighting fixture and then carefully slide the old glass out of the machine. When installing the new belly glass be sure that it is facing right side up with the belly door in its closed position before you tighten up the 7/32' nuts.

Replacing the Slot Reel Strips
Lay out the new strips on a flat surface and take a comparison look at the strips different symbols. If they are all the same and all the symbols line up with each other then you do not need to be concerned with which strip goes to which reel. If however, any strips are different from each other than you will need to install them in the numerical order that specified in the PAR sheet for the game.

The Reels should be numbered in numerical order from left to Right as shown above (1, 2 and 3)
The Reel Strips should also be numbered either on the bottom of the strips or on the back side. The numbers on the reel strips will indicate which strips install into which reel assembly either (1, 2 or 3) depending on your game conversion theme. (Refer to your game theme PAR sheet for specific details) The reel strips will have small notches cut in them at the bottom of the strip. The notches must align with the notches that are molded into each reel basket.

In most cases (Not all) the reel strip showing the lowest number will be installed in the left reel assembly (#1) and the next higher # reel strip will install in the middle reel, etc. If your reel strips contain different symbols on them this rule may not apply.
Locate the notches at the bottom section of the reel strips. You must install the strips aligning these notches with the notches in the reel baskets. The easiest way to do this is to place a reel strip into the left side groove of the basket that it is to be installed into and hold the strip at a 45 degree angle to the basket with one hand and use the other hand to rotate the basket slowly until you feel it catch on the notch. Then, proceed to roll the strip around the back side of the basket and as you do tuck both sides into the grooves of the basket until you come back around to where you started. At this time you want to make sure that the end of the reel strip overlaps the other end of the strip and that they are seated together with the self adhesive sticky surface on the inside of the strip. (You may have to use clear scotch tape to secure the strip to itself. If you did this correctly, you will not be able to see the notches in the strips after you are finished and the reel should spin straight and true. numbers on the bottoms or back sides of the strips so that they are installed in the correct reel.

Slot Machine Eprom Chips

If you change your ‘Game’ eprom you will likely loose the function of the machines bill acceptor and it will require a special set chip to re-activate it. Because of this, most game conversion kits do not require nor include a new game chip as part of the conversion.

Remove IGT S+ MPU Processor Boardk round handle that looks kind of like a closet or cabinet door knob. Grab a hold of it and lift straight up to remove the main system board from the lower board (Use caution and Do not use too much force to avoid damaging the lower board) Place the board in a lighted area so you can locate your Eprom game and reel chips. (The 2 chips are clearly labeled on the board) Take Notice that there is a notch in each chip at one end and pay close attention to which direction that notch is in relation to the direction the board. (See photo below) The new chip(s) must be installed in the same direction!
Install the new IGT S+ ‘REEL’ Eprom chip that was included with your game kit in the same direction as the old one that you just removed. This means the notch in the chip must install in the same direction. Use caution when installing the chip so that you do not fold over any of the chips pins .Go slowly and re-check all the legs as you go and again after wards. If one or more of the legs do get bent, you must straighten it before proceeding. Next, push down on the top of the chip firmly until the chip is seated all the way in its holding socket. If you were instructed to also change the ‘GAME’ chip with your new kit now is the time to do that following the same guidelines as above. You are now ready to install the system board and bring up the machine to set the games options.

Install IGT S+ Slot Machine MPU Board
Make sure you reinstall the main board the same as it was removed. The board must align on both sides of the board holder. It also must be completely seated down against the lower board. Use care to be sure both sides are square during this procedure and Don’t use excessive force when seating it down against the bottom board or you risk damaging the pins that are located on the bottom.
Initialize IGT S+ Slot Machine
After installing the main system board. Install the hopper and turn the power switch on. The machine should boot and display a code ‘61’ in the winners paid window. — (You may see a 65, 66 or 67 in the window instead) See the below illustrations and pictures to see what you need to do for each code displayed:
Press and hold the test button until you hear a ‘Ding’ and see a 61–1 code displayed
If you see a ’65, 66, or 67'code after making a chip change — Power off the machine, then back on. You should then see a 61 displayed in the winner paid window.
Once you get a 61- 1 close door completely and turn the rest key one time to initialize your new slot game. This is the final step in the conversion process. Congratulations! You did it!

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